The NORTH CAGAYAN GAMING & AMUSEMENT CORPORATION is a privately owned corporation organized under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines. NCGAC has been licensed by the Cagayan Economic Zone Authority (CEZA) to establish and operate all forms of gaming enterprises and gaming support service facilities in the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport (CSEZFP).

Under its license agreement with CEZA, NCGAC is also authorized to appoint suitable operators and/or agents and supervise their gaming and gaming-related activities.


The Cagayan Province is located in the northeastern portion of Luzon Island in the Philippines.In 1995, a law (RA 7922 or the Cagayan Special Economic Zone Act of 1995) was passed to create a special economic zone within the province.

This special economic zone covers the municipality of Santa Ana and surrounding islands and is called the "Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Free Port (CSEZFP)". The zone is managed by the Cagayan Special Economic Zone (CEZA) a government-owned corporation.

RA 7922 provides investors in the zone with special investment incentives similar to other Philippine special economic zones. What makes the CSEZFP different from almost all other special economic zones, however, are the provisions in RA 7922 that allow gaming and casino enterprises and activities to be established in the CSEZFP. Such gaming activities are outside the jurisdiction of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR).

Within the scope provided under the law, CEZA has entered into license agreements with First Cagayan Leisure and Resorts Corporation (FCLRC) and North Cagayan Gaming and Amusement Corporation (NCGAC). Under its license agreement with CEZA, FCLRC serves as master licensor for interactive gaming.

NCGAC, meanwhile, has been licensed to directly or indirectly conduct a wide variety of gaming activities to include "land-based, online and virtual games of chance, their derivative games, and their evolutions, including pari-mutuel wagering, sports betting, other sports books activities, poker and other skilled games and their derivatives, bingo, lotteries and other games that may be wagered upon, golf and such other tourism related facilities and activities." and activities."


NCGAC's gaming license reflects its partnership with the CEZA to attract, through gaming-related enterprise opportunities, locators and investments to the CSEZFP. The establishment of gaming operations and gaming support facilities within the zone is a major CEZA strategy to boost economic activity and tourism in the area.

NCGAC offers qualified firms and/or individuals unique opportunities in land-based and online gaming as well as in providing facilities, equipment, software and a wide range of support services to gaming operators within NCGAC's jurisdiction.

All NCGAC operations and facilities will be located in Cabo Engaño which has been specifically zoned by CEZA for gaming and gaming-related activities. Cabo Engaño's white sand beaches, breathtaking seascapes, spectacular views and virgin mangrove forests provide a unique opportunity for operators to establish boutique resorts with casinos featuring both landbased and online gaming. Cabo Engaño can also serve as the ideal work setting for software development campuses, live videostreaming studios and other support facilities. NCGAC will facilitate the access, by qualified potential and approved operators, to these properties in Cabo Engaño.

The business opportunities offered by NCGAC at this time include the following:

  • Boutique resorts offering landbased gaming as well as online gaming facilities
  • Telephone/proxy bet gaming
  • Video streaming studios (live dealer online gaming
  • Online casino gaming
  • Gaming support enterprises.
In order to provide an avenue for qualified individuals
and companies to avail of these gaming opportunities,
NCGAC offers the following gaming or gaming-related
  • Landbased gaming operator
  • Online casino gaming operator
  • Online gaming service provider
  • Landbased casino authorized supplier
(Appointments may require the payment of upfront fees, annual fees, and/or monthly levies.)

Individuals or companies interested in an NCGAC appointment are encouraged to write a letter of intent to NCGAC.
The letter of intent serves to introduce the individual or company to NCGAC, to describe their current business undertakings and to indicate the kind of NCGAC appointment they are interested in.

Letters of intent and inquiries should be addressed and mailed to:

NCL Building
Centro, Santa Ana, Cagayan

These may also be sent by email to

Letters of intent and inquiries should be addressed and mailed to:

NCL Building Centro, Santa Ana, Cagayan Philippines